Power to the Young

Protesters in Raleigh, NC. Photo courtesy of WUNC.

The young find their voices

I thought about going to the “March for Our Lives” sister march in Raleigh on Saturday, March 24, to rally for tougher gun control laws, but needed every minute of the weekend to work. My sympathies are with the young people who marched. Having been part of the generation that marched against the War in Vietnam and for civil rights, I believe this generation’s voices are our best hope for the future. They’re right when they say that they are marching for their future, and they are right to worry not just about themselves but also about communities of color and poor and disenfranchised people who always get the worst end of gun violence. They have more wisdom and courage than many of my generation. I add my voice to theirs in saying “enough.”


Cover photo: Protesters line Pennsylvania Avenue during the “March for Our Lives” rally in support of gun control in Washington on Saturday, March 24. Jose Luis Magana / AP.

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  1. Rachel

    One day we will hopefully look back and think how crazy it was that we had to march just so our kids could be safe in school. In fact, it’s crazy to think that is whats required now.

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