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Doing good, better—including diversity

Share Doing good, better We are proud that our School alumna, Heather Munroe-Blum, PhD, was selected to be the 32nd University Day lecturer.  Munroe-Blum spoke about the development of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as an innovation in public education; it had never been done before the way… Read More

Back from the Future!

Follow up to a reader Thanks to Roy Baron, MD, MPH, who worked formerly at CDC (I’ve written about his son, David Baron, a student at UNC), for sharing an article his great uncle Marty Greenberger wrote in Atlantic Monthly about the future of computers. Roy sent the article after… Read More

Chapel Hill welcomes new students, traffic snarls and all

Our SPH Feels Their Energy Each fall, when the new group of students arrives, energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic, it’s a major adrenaline boost for everyone here, me included. Last week was non-stop orientations. Our all-School orientation, which I wrote about last week, was the best one I’ve seen in my… Read More

Back from Deans’ Retreat

Now an “old” dean According to Harrison Spencer’s (President, Association Schools of Public Health) President’s Bulletin, 40% of all SPH deans have served five years or less. I just began my second term and am now one of the older deans in terms of number of years I have been… Read More