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Read my post today; then write a member of Congress

Share Sequestration again When I’ve written and talked about sequestration—deep, automatic cuts that will take place in the absence of a budget deal—people’s eyes seem to glaze over. Sequestration: it’s a ridiculous word that comes out of arcane Washington-speak. The word itself conveys obfuscation. It’s hard to follow, and hard… Read More

Protecting public universities

Three big issues 1. Budget pain lingers: A new report  from the National Science Board painted a grim picture of budget cuts public universities have taken over the last several years. While we at UNC-Chapel Hill and the UNC system have felt (and feel) the pain, many states have fared much worse…. Read More

The ‘S’ Word

Sequestration: We don’t want it! Sequestration refers to automatic budget cuts of about 8.2 percent or more that will occur if Congress cannot reach a compromise on budget cuts. Fifty-one percent of Americans say that across-the-board cuts are not the right way to reduce the deficit. We cannot afford to… Read More

Students are the only antidote for bad news

Share The news has been as enervating as day after day of 95+ degree weather. It saps and erodes energy.  Finally, last week, there was just-in-time resolution of the deficit brinksmanship game being played in Washington. But there was no celebration. The price of agreement means that, for years to… Read More