Welcome students

Welcome back to our returning students!


We look forward to seeing you and hearing about your summer experiences. Welcome to our new students! We were so excited to meet with you Monday morning.

Chapel Hill is swarming with people, excitement and lots of animated conversations. Whatever happened to all the parking places! 🙂

Saturday, I joined a number of other people from around campus to welcome some of our new students to our annual Diversity Orientation. It seemed like the best turnout yet. We so appreciate that senior UNC-Chapel Hill leaders like Archie Ervin, Terri Phoenix and Roy Charles participated. It shows how committed the University is to increase diversity and support our diverse students. Felicia Mebane, Assistant Dean for Students, and her team do a fabulous job planning and executing the event. It’s fun for me to be there and speak to the fact that diversity and inclusion are central values at our School. We do not tolerate intolerance! In public health, our differences make us stronger.


It was great to have Whitney Robinson, PhD, at the event. Whitney graduated from the School with a doctorate in nutrition and has joined us as an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology.

Congressman David Price visited with us


Last week, David Price visited with us. Julie MacMillan told him about the practical, exciting investments we are making in Gillings Innovation Laboratories. Ed Baker shared background on the North Carolina Institute for Public Health. Howard Weinberg and his students gave a spirited, high-speed tour of Howard’s laboratory. Congressman Price is one of the most thoughtful, hard working and dedicated members of the House. We’re glad he is from NC! Belated happy birthday to David.

Fascinating Mindset list from Beloit College

Every year, folks from Beloit publish a list that provides cultural touchstones for the class entering each fall — the class of 2014 this year. It may save some of us from committing a faux pas or two. Unfortunately, I often commit one of the top items on the list — emailing students (compared to Facebook or texting). Ah well, self-improvement is a process.

Enjoy the list, welcome back and Happy Monday. Barbara

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