Why blog?

Introduction to “Monday Morning” with Dean Barbara K. Rimer

For months, I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of establishing a blog. It’s a significant commitment to you, the readers, and it’s no good if not kept current. But I’ve concluded that we do, indeed, have much to say to one another, so I have decided it is time to blog!

Why blog? Several reasons.

  • First, I love the written word.
  • Second, many times I observe something, and I want to communicate it to the School and beyond. Blogs are an efficient communications venue.
  • Third, as dean of one of the world’s top schools of public health, I am privy to information and perspectives that may add value to what we all care about – improving life everywhere.

Equally important though, I hope “Monday Morning” provides a forum for you, the readers, to communicate with me. Please tell me what you think, know, believe and care about… The beauty of blogs is the potential for interactivity and connectivity.

As for the name of my blog, “Monday Morning” is fitting, because that’s when I plan to post new information. But also, the “Monday Morning” idea has rubbed off on me from this UNC culture of sports. After games, our coaches reflect on the weekend performances – wins and losses. I love listening to those discussions on the radio. Often, they are harder on themselves and their teams than any outside critic.

Weekends afford the best opportunities for me to reflect on issues of importance to our school and our field, so that’s when I’ll do my writing. I hope you will join me each week and participate in the dialogue.

  1. Richard Kelly

    Dean Rimer,

    I really enjoy your blogs. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and some very interesting information. We meet for the first time yesterday at the Governing Board meeting and I did not get a chance to you tell how much I enjoy “Monday Morning”. Hearing your thoughts in person yesterday helped me get a new insight on your leadership style and your recognition that “change must happen” in education and health care. I plan to send you a follow up letter with some of my thoughts within the next week.

    Back to the Blog-You threw me a curve when you titled the last one Channeling Dean Smith. I thought it was going to be about Coach Smith- We are Tarheels and basketball lovers, so be careful not to mislead your readers with a title advertising with that name! On a more serious note, I would love to see UNC take on Alzheimer in honor of our beloved coach. This terrible disease is now impacting him and it also ended my mother’s life. It is now also impacting my mother-in-law. The impact on the whole family can not be adequately put in words. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to move past our “football scandal” and do something wonderful with our sports. We could lead it with basketball and have the other sports follow. I hope to read about such a successful program/initiative in your blog one day.

    All the best,
    Richard Kelly

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