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Check out the Gillings School bike!

March 21, 2016
Preparing to launch our bike-share program

As is the case on most college campuses, parking is in short supply here at UNC-Chapel Hill. Even with our terrific bus system, getting around campus and into town can be inconvenient at times. A bicycle is a great solution, but not everyone owns or wants to be responsible for keeping a bike on campus.

BKR Bryan and bike - crop

Bryan Andregg and I share a laugh as we debut the Gillings School bike prototype. Bryan is IT security and systems manager in our Instructional and Information Systems unit.

Enter the bike-share solution. Late for a meeting across campus? Headed out to lunch on Franklin Street? Soon, Gillings School faculty and staff members and students will be able to check out bicycles as part of a new bike-share program, one more way in which we are enhancing our School’s culture of health. Some will use the bikes for exercise, which seems especially appealing now that spring has arrived. Another benefit is the exposure our School’s name will get all across campus and around the town of Chapel Hill.

I am so excited about these bikes! On Friday, we unveiled our prototype and took some photos, and I felt like we had an adorable new puppy. People smiled at us, said they wanted to ride the bike and turned around to look longingly at it.

Thanks to our facilities manager, Brent Wishart, for taking an idea and turning it into a reality. I’m ready to ride! Happy Monday.


neil lopez


It's lovely, can we get to ride that bike?

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