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More wins for Gillings students

March 25, 2014

Our students doing great

I continue to be amazed, awed and astounded by our students. Three recent examples:

Callan Blough, Christopher Coughlin and Jennifer Moore with University of Alabama at Birmingham representative.

Yet again, Health Policy and Management (HPM) students won the Health Administration Case Competition at University of Alabama at Birmingham. Kudos to Jennifer, Christopher and Callan. The outcome shows just how talented these HPM students are and how much content they have mastered.Pictured left to right: Callan Blough, Christopher Coughlin and Jennifer Moore with University of Alabama at Birmingham representative.

Presenters at GillingsX

Presenters at GillingsX

Last week, our students launched GillingsX, their answer to the successful TED and TEDX events: GillingsX, Why Not Now? Innovative ideas from students who refused to wait. The evening was fabulous. Five students presented, and each was phenomenal. They described life-changing work they had done in N.C., the U.S. and around the world, coordinating essential services in Iraq, connecting education and public health, fighting obesity, developing new companies, exploring the health-promoting potential of wearable technologies, and building community, social justice, self-respect and self-confidence through music. We were so impressed by Hillary Landau, Leigh Tally, Michael Wilson, Lakshmi Gopalakrishnan and all the students who presented at GillingsX. These are the students who presented and the title of their talks.

Linking Public Health to Public Education – Amy Bryson, MPH candidate, Health Behavior

Coordinating Aid at the Front Line – Dilshad Othman, MPH candidate, Maternal and Child Health

A Different Look at Obesity – Amy Roberts, PhD Candidate in Nutrition Epidemiology

Music as an Agent for Social Change in India – Shriya Soora, MPH candidate, Health Behavior

Homegrown Energy Bar for Behavior Change – Alberto Vargas, PhD candidate in Nutrition Epidemioloy

Liz Chen and Nab Dasgupta

Liz Chen and Nab Dasgupta

Experience Gillings—March 21, we invited admitted students to experience the School. One alumnus, Nab Dasgupta, PhD, Epidemiology, and Liz Chen, MPH student (soon to be doctoral) in Health Behavior spoke about what they had accomplished while here. Wow, talk about impact! Liz and Nab already have achieved impact, and there is much more to come! Nab helped to turn Wilkes county from an overdose capital to a county that demonstrated what can be done when citizens and professionals come together to attack a problem—medication overdose.

We’ve got great students at Gillings! Happy Tuesday. Barbara

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