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No guns here please

June 13, 2013

Do we really want guns in public colleges?

From today’s News and Observer:

A major gun-rights bill took an unexpected turn Tuesday with a proposal to eliminate the law that requires people receive a permit from their county sheriff before they can buy a handgun.

The bill, approved in a Senate Judiciary committee, still requires a permit to carry concealed handguns but expands the places that those weapons can be taken: all educational property, not just public colleges and universities as an earlier version proposed; private schools, unless they prohibit weapons; parades and funeral processions, unless they’re expressly prohibited. Cities and counties would not be allowed to ban firearms on greenways but could continue to do so on athletic fields.

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Are we really going to allow guns in our public colleges and universities? I do not want to go to work with guns or worry about the safety of our faculty, staff and students. As many people know, last year, someone in our School allegedly was found to have a loaded gun and extra rounds of ammunition. Fortunately, he chose to leave the university. No violence occurred here. It reminded us once again that public health is first about prevention, and that the best way to prevent gun violence is not to have guns on our premises. It made us realize how close we could have been and how vulnerable we might have been. Of course, this is merely inference, and we have no idea why he brought the gun to our School.

I’m not arguing about the right to bear arms or about any of those American ideals held dear by many of our citizens. I merely am arguing that weapons do not belong on the property of institutions of higher learning. Barbara


Net Nanny


Hello and thanks for your article Barbara. As a parent and as a nan l am also concerned about the increase in gun violence 'everywhere' (Schools included) I take note of the comments made by AB (above) and l see the point being made. Personally l do not know what the answer is, but obviously we do need to come up with one very quickly. Posting on this blog and others may help encourage discussions and comments from people and with luck we will find a way to reverse this terrible trend of gun violence.



So, essentially, you are removing the possibility of law bidding citizens from carrying their weapons on campus. Understandably true due to the rising issue of gun violence on campus's across America. My question, however, how many of those assailants were law abiding citizens with the right to carry a concealed firearm? Furthermore, is it feasible that you have just painted a target on your school as "look here, we have no guns, come kill as many as you can"?....

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