Follow-up to my 6/13 post on E coli

See Dean Antoine Flahault’s blog for an incisive, witty assessment of the outbreak of E coli in Germany. It is particularly interesting to get a European epidemiologic perspective on the outbreak.

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  1. Karen Harper

    Eugenics was simply a terrible terrible experiment that sadly is still not banished to history. It still goes on albeit in a more acceptable way to drug addicts and alcoholics as a way to try to control crime.
    I to believe that compensation should be paid to these poor people who have had the gift of parenthood taken from them without consent.
    I would even go as far as saying that those who were giving the consent for these proceedures should be tracked down and brought to justice but deep down I know they will not be.
    As usuall it is the poor, weak victims who have been made to suffer.
    Very sad indeed but at least we are making progress in this country.
    Karen Harper

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