Summer Public Health Fellows and Summer Videoconference on Minority Health

It’s been a good week despite unrelenting 90+ degree days and no rain. Monday, I had the pleasure of welcoming our new Summer Public Health Fellows. It is a great group of students who have come from all over the U.S., especially from this area. They’re going to get an intensive intro to public health over the next eight weeks, along with a heavy dose of skill building and fun. Thanks for the efforts of Felicia Mebane, PhD, Assistant Dean for Students, Sherry Rhodes, Nicole Chenault and many others around the School.

Our School always supports, and I always attend the 17th Annual Public Health Summer Videoconference on Minority Health. This year’s session, “Health Equity: Progress and Pitfalls,” was especially good. Krista Perreira, PhD, Jeffrey Henderson, MD, MPH and Brian Smedley, PhD presented. Our state’s wonderful Barbara Pullen Smith, MPH moderated. I learned some things; hopefully, others did as well. For example, housing segregation has increased over the last decade in some U.S. communities. According to Dr. Smedley, it is almost as high as it was in apartheid South Africa. He also said that we are rapidly re-segregating our public schools. That’s what has been happening in parts of N.C.

Dr. Smedley and others said we should focus on prevention, especially the conditions in which people live, work, play and study. See for great information.

I won’t try to recap all three excellent talks. See them online by archived webcast! It’s worth your time. Happy day! Barbara

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