Whither Football?

Accumulating health evidence about football Last Saturday night, when we met my father for our regular dinner, I said to him, “So, did you read the New York Times article on football this morning? The evidence about the harms of football for players is now incontrovertible, as the recent settlement… Read More

Change is hard!

Change–happening faster, with shorter intervals Web cycles: The first time I led the redesign of an organizational website, the process seemed monumental. At the end, we breathed a sigh of relief and thought it would be quite a while before we made any more changes. That interval was shorter than… Read More

Loss of a dear faculty member

A couple weeks ago, clinical associate professor Dr. Diane Calleson died after a valiant battle with a rare form of ovarian cancer. Diane was a remarkable woman, as her husband Jerry Calleson described so poignantly in the obituary he wrote. Jerry is a member of our Information and Instruction Services… Read More

On the way 2020

The power of planning In 2010, leaders at the Gillings School thought it was time to consider where we wanted to be in the year 2020. As with any trip, the chances of getting to one’s destination diminish unless a good map is available, so we wanted to take all… Read More