Letter to the editor of The Daily Tar Heel

Evidence supports drinking age of 21 The following letter to the editor was published Thursday, August 20, in The Daily Tar Heel, UNC-Chapel Hill’s student newspaper, in response to a Wednesday, August 19, editorial. TO THE EDITOR: Regarding the August 19 editorial, “Prohibition is unsafe,” I agree strongly that UNC-Chapel… Read More

A dream undone

New York Times investigates NC voting rights Sunday’s New York Times (NYT) Magazine focused with laser sharpness on what has happened to voting rights in North Carolina—and found us lacking. Where once we were lauded as progressive and inspiring, we now are portrayed in story after story as a state… Read More

Asking for a level playing field

A stirring video A headline in the Chronicle of Higher Education caught my eye. I read the story and clicked the link to a YouTube video created in 2013 by Sy Stokes, when he was a junior at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Stokes dramatically and powerfully… Read More

There still are women’s issues

Better but not yet equal Over the weekend, candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties weighed in on gender issues. As a public employee, I do not engage in partisan politics. I want our School to be a civil place where people can articulate many points of view—civilly. That… Read More