Words of wisdom

It’s commencement season, and words matter Sunday’s New York Times carried an unusual dose of wisdom, and getting ready for commencement season, I drank the full glass. First, David Brooks’ “A Moral Bucket List” distinguished between adventures that produce goodness rather than build résumés. That really resonated with me. I’m… Read More

Hooray for public health workers and the culture of health!

National Public Health Week It’s National Public Health Week, an initiative of the American Public Health Association. Thank you, public health workers everywhere, starting with our own Orange and Durham county health departments and including all the other county and regional departments in N.C. Thanks for what you do to… Read More

A moving experience

Ann Millikan’s symphony Friday night, the Chapel Hill Philharmonia played the Millikan Symphony for the first time. It was held at Hill Hall, one of many buildings I’d never been to on the UNC… Read More