Supreme Court says ‘yes’

Health care and gay marriage I am so thrilled that the Supreme Court said “yes” to marriage equity and Affordable Care Act subsidies. Marriage equity is absolutely the right thing, and polls of the public have shown that, although there are regional and religious differences, the majority of Americans approve… Read More

A good man gone

The power of kindness Last week, a very special man passed away suddenly. Until recently, Dr. Michael O’Malley was an associate director at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center (LCCC) and a state employee for more than 30 years. He also was an adjunct member of our Gillings School faculty… Read More

Love, Hate and Lesbian Music

Love Yesterday was Father’s Day. It was the first Father’s Day since our father passed away and the day was touched by the poignancy of fresh loss. NPR had some wonderful, sad, funny and touching stories on Friday night. They made me laugh and cry. Life may end but love… Read More

Memorial Day 2015

On my way to the School Monday, I listened to NPR’s Diane Rehm interview Yochi Dreazen, managing editor for news at Foreign Policy and author of the book The Invisible Front. They talked about mental health issues of people on active duty in the armed services and those who have… Read More

Jesse Milan on leadership

Milan’s article in Baltimore Sun Jesse Milan Jr. is an expert on leadership, a leader in the AIDS community and celebrated for his work to control AIDS. He’s a member of our School’s Advisory Council and a thoughtful adviser on race, health disparities and related issues. Following the death of… Read More