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Winter commencement

December 19, 2008


I just got back from attending my 4th winter commencement. Commencements are an acquired taste, and I have acquired the taste although I never enjoyed my own and ignored two out of my three graduations. Who could not love the congregation of 2600+ UNC graduates, their families and UNC faculty and staff! Who would not get a chill from looking out upon a sea of Carolina blue! Who wouldn’t enjoy the enthusiastic hoots and whistles of families and friends as their beloved graduates had their day! I love seeing the peach velvet hoods of our graduate students and knowing that some undergraduates are graduating with our degree as well. And it’s fun to stand next to Dean Williams (Dentistry) (We sit in the order we are called to read the names of our School’s degrees.) and link arms as we sing Hark the Sound. Today, about 170 of our students received degrees and certificates. We are proud of each and every one of you. It took a village to get where you are today—family, friends and faculty, staff and students at the School and University. Best wishes as you head out into the next chapter in your life journey. Please stay in touch with us and keep us up to date on your email address.

ashby.jpgValerie Ashby, PhD, Gordon and Bowman Gray Distinguished Term Professor (2007-2012) of Chemistry UNC, gave the commencement address. She did a great job, talked some about service and proved my hypothesis that all roads lead to the School of Public Health by talking about one of her students now in the Peace Corps who is planning to get graduate training in public health. Read her speech.

Happy Monday! Barbara

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